The Cremona wall clock



   This is a strikingly beautiful wall clock  lavishly ornamented in renaissance style. The front is presided over by a grotesque mask just over the clock dial, which is surrounded by many leaves and flowers. The sides (see picture below) have a remarkable renaissance scroll with a boy in the center, many flowers, leaves and two more small grotesque faces. The lower section shows two dragons that seem to hold the clock in the air.  The clock is nicely crowned by the upper section, which contains among other things two birds.

 This clock is particularly beautiful, proportioned, very well ornamented, I consider it a masterpiece of the old Italian fretwork school of designers. I have restored it digitally with the most advanced graphic design techniques, adjusting everything with total precision, slots, symmetries, etc and I have laid out a pattern with complete instructions for very easy construction. It will be easy for you to make it and admire it for many years.

The clock is designed to be made with 1/4 inches wood or with 6 mm wood. It can be scaled to use other wood thickness as well. The following table gives the measures of the clock depending on the wood thickness you use:

  Clock height Clock depth Clock width
1/4  in. wood 28.8 in. 5.2 in. 11.1 in.
5 mm. wood 57.6 cm. 12.5 cm. 22,1 cm.
6 mm. wood 69.1 cm. 10.4 cm. 26.6 cm.

 Please note that this pattern is registered and copyrighted. If you would like to have it I offer it for 15 € plus shipping. The pattern is computer made, which provides total precision, and nicely printed for convenient scrolling. Click here to buy this pattern. Write me to info@finescrollsaw.com for any questions.

 These three pictures are courtesy of Boris Radovskiy from the USA: ¨This project was the most enjoyable and challenging of any one I've ever done. In fact, this clock looks much better in reality than on the pictures. It took me about 60 hours to make it, including 40 hours for scrolling and 20 hours for planning, assembling and finishing. As always, your patterns were stunningly accurate. Thank you very much!¨  Boris is a member of the Carolina Scrollers club. The clock is made with Sapelle, Blood Wood and Walnut. It is finished with satin polyurethane. It has a 160 mm dial.

These pictures are side views of the clock showing details of the very graceful renaissance scrolls:


  These pictures have been sent by Paolo Cantonetti from Italy. Both clocks have been made with a hand saw. They show exceptional craftmanship.

 This picture has been sent by Renato Zanoni from Italy.

  This picture is courtesy of Isaac Arditi from Israel, ¨ This Cremona wall clock is really the masterpiece of fretwork. So rich and exceptional with his beauty. Worth every minute to do it.¨

 This picture has kindly been sent by Guido Baggi from Italy.   This picture has been sent by Guillermo Morcillo from Castellón, Spain.  This picture has kindly been sent by Daniel Navarre from France.

  This picture has kindly been sent by Alexander Kraft from Germany.

 This picture is courtesy of Carmine Dorio from Italy.

  This picture has kindly been sent by Juan Antonio Barrantes from Barcelona, Spain.

 This picture has been sent by Manuel Pérez Gómez from Córdoba, Spain.

  This picture has kindly been sent by Leonardo Carreño from Chile.

This picture has been sent by Juan Esquinas from Madrid, Spain.
 Theese pictures have been kindly sent by Jim Butler from the USA: ¨The front and back are cherry, and the sides and crown are Ash
 This picture has been sent by Mirco Ormelini from Italy. This picture has been sent by Bruno Carceller from Cantavieja, Teruel, Spain.
 These pictures have kindly been sent by Valeriy Elizarov from Vilyuchinsk, Russia.

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