The Egg Clock



   The egg clock scroll saw pattern is the result of my attempt to design a clock that could be made with a scroll saw but at the same time it should be very original.

   In this section I show you more pictures of the egg clock along with several pictures taken during its construction. These pictures do not intend to be an exhaustive account or complete instructions, just some comments that can be of interest.

   The main part of this clock is the egg, which is made of several dozens of slices. Every slice needs to be scrolled with a very precise bevel angle, determined for each one by the computer. When glued together these slices form the curved surface of the egg. The base of the clock contains a very elaborate fretwork.

frame of the scroll saw fretwork egg clock made in plywood egg part of the fretwork clock formed with wood slides of plywood
  The first step to make the egg is to mount the six pieces that form its frame. Then the slices are easily glued one after the other just by gluing and encasing them in their position until completing the whole body.     The surface of the egg formed by the edges of the slices is then sanded and finished with two coats of wood sealer and several coats of varnish.
fretworked base of the scroll saw fretwork egg clock fretworked sides of the egg clock base protected with masking tape wood crack being repaired with a tool, wood paste and masking tape
   The rest of the clock has no particular difficulty. The interior of the base can be covered with scrap wood for better protection of the felt we use to linen.   The corner columns are added and the fretwork is protected with masking tape. These rods of wood are found in most wood suppliers.   If the joint of two pieces leaves a too visible crack it can simply be covered with wood paste. Cover the pieces with masking tape leaving just the crack and apply the paste with a shoveler. Then remove the tape and the problem is solved.
scroll saw fretwork egg clock by a table lamp with a black shade scroll saw egg clock with golden clock insert and glossy finish scroll saw egg clock with red felt in the fretwork sides
  The finished clock looks really nice and special, very original.  The surface of the clock is perfectly curved and shines due to the satin varnish. The horizontal lines show how it is really made with slices of wood, giving it a particular beauty.       A closer front view.
fretwork egg clock with red felt and four golden wingeg sphinxs golden Mercury flying of Giambologna on the egg clock golden wooden sphinx leaning on the corner of the fretworked base of the egg clock base box of the scroll saw fretwork egg clock
 Observe how the felt behind the fretwork seems to shine with its own light.  The golden figure on top of the egg is Mercury flying (messenger of the gods and a deity of trade, travelers and wealth), based upon a famous sculpture by Giambologna. It can be left unglued for easier and safer transportation.  On every corner a golden winged sphinx guards the clock leaning on the column. The wings of the sphinxes can be glued more open if desired. Observe the beautiful contrast created by the red felt, the gold of the sphinxes and the clock and the two tones of the wood.
fretworked wooden fence around the scroll saw egg clock fretwork with red felt in the base of the egg clock
Detail of the fence around the egg.

 Detail of the fretwork.

   Please note that this pattern is registered and copyrighted. If you would like to have it I offer it for 16 € plus shipping. The pattern is computer made, which provides total precision, and nicely printed for convenient scrolling. Click here to buy this pattern. Write me to info@finescrollsaw.com for any questions.

This picture has been sent by Daniel Navarre from France. It shows two egg clocks perfectly crafted.

 This picture has been sent by Juan Vazquez from Seville, Spain. The clock is entirely made with hardwood. The egg is made alternating orange tree wood and mahogany. The upper finial is made with pine and cedar. The lower fretworked pieces and the winged sphinxes are made with orange tree wood.

This picture has been sent by Angel Jiménez Jiménez from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain.

This picture has been sent by Giovanni Cittadini from Italy.
This picture has been sent by Renato Zanoni from Italy. This picture has been kindly sent by Manuel Ruiz Perez from San Fernando de Henares, Spain. 
These pictures have been sent by Jose Luis Tellez from Celaya (Guanajuato, Mexico). 
These pictures have been sent by Jose Luis Tellez from Celaya (Guanajuato, Mexico). 
These pictures have kindly been sent by Denis Marchenko from Russia. This picture has been sent by Gaetano Lavezzo from Italy.
 These pictures have kindly been sent by Jesus Herrero from La Virgen del Camino, Leon, Spain.
This picture has kindly been sent by Anthea Cammish from England.

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