Scroll saw fretwork examples

Scroll saw fretwork pattern of the Milan Cathedral
Wooden model of the Milan Cathedral

  This is one of the most fascinating scroll saw fretwork patterns ever designed, a model of the cathedral of Milan. This pattern is at least 100 years old, it is a masterpiece of the old Italian school of scroll saw designers.

  These pictures have kindly been sent to me by Sante Taglieri from Italy. He made this model with a hand saw. It took him four years to cut and assemble the 3700 pieces. Presently this model is for sale so if you would like to acquire it contact him at

Cathedral of Milan in wood Woodworking: the Italian Milan Cathedral made in wood
Wood crafts, the Milan Cathedral in wood The cathedral of Milan, model in wood


Scroll saw fretwork model of the Eiffel Tower Mole Antonelliana in Torino, wooden scroll saw fretwork model

  These are also scroll saw works by Sante Taglieri, the first one the Eiffel tower in Paris, the second one a building in the Italian city of Torino whose name is ¨Mole Antonelliana¨.


  These pictures have been sent to me by Carmine Dorio from Italy. They show his large collection of fretworked projects and the attention he pays to his works.

  scroll saw fretwork wooden hanging cabinet   Italian dresser mirror made in fretworked wood with red candles on each side
victorian mirror wooden mirror frame   scroll saw fretwork clock with dragons   fretwork wooden hanging chapel with virgin mary and adornments
scroll saw fretwork stand   scroll saw fretwork clock with birds   scroll saw frework castle cabinet
scroll saw fretwork coach with two horses   wooden napkin holder
scroll saw fretwork ink holder   scroll saw fretwork wooden wall picture
wooden scroll saw basket   scroll saw fretwork wooden coffer
wooden scroll saw nativity scene, nativity set, crib, virgin Mary, Jesus
Nativity scene

Scroll saw fretwork model of the Giralda in Sevilla, Spain   

   This is a model of the Giralda I made years ago, with a hand saw. The Giralda is the tower next to the cathedral of Seville. Its construction started in 1172 as part of a mosque. When the city was conquered by the Christian king Fernando III of Castille in 1248 the mosque was adapted to become a cathedral. In the sixteenth century the upper part of the tower was modified, adquiring the beautiful aspect we can presently enjoy.  

   It is maybe surprising for some of you to know that there is a copy of this tower in the American city of Kansas City. The reason is that Seville and Kansas City are sister cities (Hello Kansas!). You can have a look in this link (look where it says ¨Poseidon's Fountain¨).

   I don't know whether the patterns of this model are still available, though in a short time I expect to create my own ones, trying to improve these.

Update: The totally new patterns of The Giralda are already available. Click here to go to the Giralda page.



Six sides scroll saw fretwork box with red felt


Rectangular fretworked box with a painting in the cover

   This is a box I made years ago, also with a hand saw. Whether the pattern is presently available I don't know.

   This one I also made years ago, again with a hand saw. The patterns were from Amati, an Italian firm whose patterns are quite difficult to find.


Jennifer scroll saw fretwork clock

   This is a picture of the Jennifer clock. I made it with my Hegner scroll saw, out of the best plywood I could find. I dyed the wood in two different tones to create a nice contrast. The pattern is taken from the book ¨Advanced scroll saw clocks¨, by John A. Nelson. It is a cheap book and it contains five nice patterns. I resized the pattern to make the clock bigger than in the pattern. It looks impressive with its 70 cm height ( app. 28 inches).


  You can buy this book at Amazon at a very convenient price by clicking on the left link. This recommendation is for people living anywhere in the world. You can also visit my scroll saw shopping recommendations page for other shopping suggestions.


Fretwork models of cross, frame, car, rose, dragon
     These pictures have been sent to me by Yónel Lazo Alpaca from Peru. His works have the extra value of being made with a hand saw. Scroll saw fretwork shelf with two dragons and a grotesque mask
scroll saw fretwork bottle holder


Scroll saw fretwork colour painted roosters spanish fan made in wood with a scroll saw
These pictures have been sent by Carlos Pérez.


These pictures have been sent by Hugues Tournay from Le Bernard, France.
scroll saw fretwork clock, castle, ship


   This picture has been sent by Isaac Arditi from Israel.


  These pictures have been kindly sent by Boris Radovskiy from the USA. I like Boris works very much because of the extreme care and precision he puts in every detail.


These pictures have been sent by Alexander Kraft from Germany.


 These pictures have been sent by George Allen from the USA.


 These pictures have been sent by Francesco Figura from Italy.


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