Free scroll saw fretwork patterns

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Hobbies 1625; Ladies' work box with removable tray

Hobbies 1631; Crumb tray and Brush and Bowl Stand

Hobbies 1781; Fireside seat and slipper box

Hobbies 1804; Three table mats


Hobbies 1824; An occasional table

Hobbies 1863; Two working sand models

Hobbies 1873; The piano, automatic cigarette delivery box

Hobbies 1881; The Bachelor dressing table


Hobbies 1890; Biscuit box

Hobbies 1902; Jardiniere and Stand

Hobbies 1904; Tie box

Hobbies 1906; Mantel clock


Hobbies 1914; Cutlery table

Hobbies 1927; Picture frame with inlaid picture, Timber Hauling in New Zealand

Hobbies 1935; A modern luxury coach

Hobbies 1939; Hobbies motor race


Hobbies 1943; Fern Pot Stand

Hobbies 1951; Model of Blue Bird

Hobbies 1953; The universal cabinet

Hobbies 1959; Bird Cage


Hobbies 1961; A handy shaving cabinet

Hobbies 1985; The lord mayor's coach, sheet 1

  This patterns is formed by two sheets, I can only offer you one of them.

Hobbies 1987; Radio-Cabinet

Hobbies 1989; Doll's house furniture


Hobbies 1993; The Owl calendar and three birthday cards

Hobbies 1997; Standing nursery clock

Hobbies 2003; Doll's house furniture

Hobbies 2014; Japanese brush rack for the hall

 Hobbies 2021; Test match Cricket game

 Hobbies 2022; Hall stand with mirror and coat hooks

 Hobbies 2043; Brush and comb case with mirror inside

  Hobbies 2044; Tea caddy of indian design








 Hobbies 1267; Calendar


 Hobbies 1890 and 2044 by Emiliano Garrido López from Romanillos de Medinaceli, Spain. 


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