Victorian mirror



 This is a truly magnificent mirror frame and planter in Victorian style. Exquisitely designed to allure, it is visually splendid. Its suggestive structure and ornamentation take us  back to the time between the XIX and XX centuries, when mirrors like these hang in the most elegant and exclusive parlors.

  The frame has space for three main mirrors, a central larger one and two small ones on each side. Six more round mirrors are in the lower part of the frame. The planter is below the central mirror, providing space for plants or adornments. Two more small shelves are below the two side mirrors.   

  The whole frame is brilliantly ornamented with fretworked panels and borders containing among other things columns, dragons, grotesque masks and a large number of leaves and flowers. The protruding molding of the upper part is particularly graceful.

  I have completely reconstructed this pattern after an old Italian masterpiece of fretwork design. The largest piece is divided in sections that can be cut separately and assembled easily with the help of dovetail joints. The joints of these sections, though discrete, are nevertheless almost completely covered by the different pieces forming the ornamentation of the mirror. Besides the long time required to complete a project like this, its construction has no particular difficulty. The patterns have been designed to use 1/4 and 1/8 inches wood or 6 and 3 mm wood. By scaling the pattern appropriately any other wood thickness can also be used. These are the measures of the mirror depending on the wood thickness you use:

  Height Width Depth
1/8 and 1/4 in. wood 36.8 in. 30.9 in. 5.4 in.
3/16 and 3/8 in. wood 55.2 in. 46.3 in 8.2 in.
4 and 8 mm. wood 117.3 cm. 99 cm. 17.5 cm.
3 and 6 mm. wood 88 cm. 74.2 cm. 13.1 cm.

 Please note that this pattern is registered and copyrighted. If you would like to have it I offer it for 18 € plus shipping. The pattern is computer made, which provides total precision, and nicely printed for convenient scrolling. Click here to buy this pattern. Write me to info@finescrollsaw.com for any questions.

  This picture has kindly been sent by Frank Gulotta from North Babylon, New York, USA. The mirror is entirely made with hardwood of cherry, walnut, padauk and yellowheart.


  This picture has been sent by Angel Revuelta Toledano from Seville and they show a fantastic mirror:  ¨The mirror is entirely made with a hand saw, using 0/13 blades. The wood is 4 and 7 mm plywood. It has taken me around two months to complete. The mirror is finished with clear satin varnish applied with an airbrush¨


    This picture has been kindly sent by Giuseppe Cucchiara from Italy.


  This picture has been kindly sent by Andrea Graziano from Italy.


  This picture has been kindly sent by Manuel Pina from Cáceres, Spain.


    This picture has been sent by Isaac and Ester Arditi from Israel.


  This picture has been sent by Jürgen Hallbauer from Germany.


   This picture has been sent by Manuel Pérez Gómez from Córdoba, Spain.


   This picture has been sent by Giovanni Cittadini from Italy.


   This picture has been kindly sent by Boris Radovskiy from the USA.


   This picture has kindly been sent by Jesus Herrero from La Virgen del Camino, Leon, Spain.


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