Jungle shelf



 This is  an elaborate shelf containing cheetahs, ducks, birds and tropical leaves. I have digitalized and restored an old French pattern to obtain this.

  The shelf is designed to be made preferably with 1/4 inches wood or with 6 mm wood, but of course it can be resized at will to fit any wood thickness. The following table gives the measures of the clock depending on the wood width you use:

  Shelf height Shelf depth Shelf width
1/4  in. wood 11.9 in. 3.6 in. 11 in.
5 mm. wood 23,8 cm. 12 cm. 22 cm.
6 mm. wood 28.6 cm. 7,2 cm. 26,4 cm.

 Please note that this pattern is registered and copyrighted. If you would like to have it I offer it for 7 € plus shipping. The pattern is computer made, which provides total precision, and nicely printed for convenient scrolling. Click here to buy this pattern. Write me to info@finescrollsaw.com for any questions.

Plano de marquetería de estantería con animales de la jungla
  Picture courtesy of Ester Arditi from Israel, ¨It was a pleasure to make this Jungle shelf very delicate and wonderful design.¨

 This picture has been sent by Jose Luis Tellez from Celaya (Guanajuato, Mexico). 

   This picture has kindly been sent by Gerhard Stamm from Australia.
   This picture has been sent by Bruno Carceller from Cantavieja, Teruel, Spain. This picture has been kindly sent by Esteban Gómez from Barcelona, Spain. 
  These pictures have been kindly sent by Aravamudhan Rajagopalan from Tamil Nadu, India. The coffer shown is made of teak and red wood hardwood.

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