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The Sun Clock

   The Sun Clock scroll saw pattern is my second attempt to design a clock that could be made with a scroll saw but at the same time it should be very original.

   In this section I show you more pictures of The Sun Clock along with several pictures taken during its construction. These pictures do not intend to be an exhaustive account or complete instructions, just some comments that can be of interest.

   This pattern is for very advanced scrollers and you should only try to make it if you have already completed other simpler projects successfully.


scroll saw fretwork sun clock with red felt

   The back of this clock is exactly the same as the front, thus by decorating the two sides in different ways the Sun Clock is actually two clocks in one.

scroll saw fretwork sun clock with green felt


scrolled fretwork pieces of the sun clock on a table

   Many pieces of the clock are repeated, so we stack cut as much as we can, in this case up to six pieces. We glue the stacked pieces together with a few drops of glue in the border. When we finish scrolling them the pieces come out separate by themselves.


central part of the scroll saw sun clock held together with clamps as it dries

   We mount the clock in sections, the base, the center and the top separately, but always gluing them encased in their final position, so that they will fit properly when we put the sections together. For this purpose se use clamps when necessary to force the pieces into the correct position, or if the wood is not completely flat.

fretworked piece of the sun clock with the figure of a dragon and red felt

   Once the sections are mounted we have finished them with a sealer and several coats of sprayed glossy polyurethane. We then choose linens whose texture and color produce staring effects behind the fretwork pieces. This will depend on the type of wood, the finish and of course personal taste.

fretworked piece of the sun clock with the figure of a dragon and green felt


central part of the sun clock with the felt protected with pieces of scrap wood

   To cover the interior of the fretworked pieces with a contrasting linen, felt in this case, we glue the linen in scrap pieces of wood of the necessary size, then we just glue these pieces inside the clock. Once this is done we finish by putting together the three sections. A few pictures showing details of the clock follow.

fretworked pieces of the base of the sun clock held with clamps


stand of the sun clock showing gothic ornamentation and a grotesque, with red felt

   The base of the clock contains a repeated gothic design and four Grotesques, one on the left and one on the right. Grotesques are ugly or distorted faces used in classical ornamentation. This one is based upon a roman design. 

base of the sun clock showing gothic ornamentation and a grotesque, with green and blue felt


central part of the scroll saw sun clock showing lots of fretwork and dragons

   The central section is formed by a fretworked column surrounded by a forest guarded by several winged mythological creatures.


upper part of the sun clock, wooden golden sun with rays and a clock insert

   The upper section is formed by the clock inserted in the sun. The sun is surrounded by a fence formed with the same plants and flowers as in the second section.


scroll saw fretwork sun clock with a golden clock insert and red felt

   The final aspect can be seen here.

  Please note that this pattern is registered and copyrighted. If you would like to have it I offer it for 15 € plus shipping. The pattern is computer made, which provides total precision, and nicely printed for convenient scrolling. Click here to buy this pattern. Write me to for any questions.


 This picture has kindly been sent by Daniel Navarre from France.


 This picture has kindly been sent by Daniel Navarre from France.

  This picture has kindly been sent by Tom D. Else from Australia.


 This picture has been sent by Mariano Ruíz Sánchez from Toledo, Spain.


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